We will get free, together.

Multiple raised fists and arms.

Abolition is not limited to ending spaces and practices of incarceration and policing. Fundamentally, abolition is also about reimagining new ways of  life such that a world in which prisons, policing and other carceral systems as solutions to social problems becomes unthinkable. Abolitionism is also not just about creating new responses to crises but creating a new world in which we thrive such that less crises happen in the first place.

The call “we keep us safe” reminds us that solutions should empower all people, including Disabled and Neurodivergent people, to exercise our self-determination with care and understanding. We all deserve the resources, support, training and education we need to love and protect ourselves and one another.

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About Us

We are abolitionist psychiatric survivors, people with disabilities, and their accomplices. We believe in and work toward the liberation of all.